[messages] [Module Support] Squad Leader - How To Use Master Scenario Start Files?

JulianTA julianta at aol.com
Thu Feb 28 09:17:02 MST 2013

My last ruminations on this subject.  It doesn't matter where the folder
containing the board files is located (i.e. it doesn't have to be
"nested" within the scenario folder), as long as the path is set under
Preferences after you've loaded one of the saved scenario files (and
after you've done so, you have to close the game and then reload a

On the other hand, apparently not all of the board files will work with
the saved scenario files.  The two sets of boards that I downloaded from
the VSQL web page within VASSAL - boards_custom_wjs_v5.zip and
boards_custom_wjs_v4_v01.zip - do not seem to work with at least the SL
scenarios at all.  The boards I download from the VASL Map Bazaar site -
bds 00-09 - do work in general, but only SL scenarios 1, 2, 3, 7, and 10
provide you with a functioning LOS tool.  The remainder of the SL
scenarios show the maps, units, and scenario information correctly, but
also give the error message "LOS engine disabled... could not read
bd02.map".  I tested it and the LOS does not function with these

I haven't tested any of the other board sets or any of the other
scenarios for the expansions to SL much less any of the ASL stuff. 
There are many different board downloads available both on the VSQL
module page and at VASL Map Bazaar.  If any of them are the specific,
optimal set of board files apporpriate for use with the scenario files,
and anyone knows which is which, it would be nice if this information
was eventually posted, along with the very simple instrutions needed to
get the scenario files to work, on the VSQL module page along with the
VSQL-SSF-Master-Listing.zip file and/or within the Help Files section. 

Hope this information has been of help to at least some of you.  


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