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Tue Jan 1 17:37:18 MST 2013

"dawg" wrote:
> "DrNostromo" wrote:
> > Markers are not variables in the since that you can manipulate them
> > easily. They are more just a way of identifying a piece as being
> > unique or part of a ground with common markers.
> > 
> > If pieces have values you want to manipulate, you should use Dynamic
> > Properties for the values. Then you would use a Global Property to
> > hold the sum value.
> > 
> > For example: Create a GP called SpadeCount. Place something with a
> > Text Label trait to display $SpadeCount$. Then have something send a
> > command to all pieces with CardType = Spades. Each of those cards
> > would have a trigger that increments GP SpadeCount by their Dynamic
> > Property value. This should give you a sum total.
> Hello DrNostromo,
> can you tell me, step by step, how I do the increment for a GP like
> SpadeCount in the example above?
> In my module I don't have to manipulate the values in the single
> pieces (cards for my module).
> Have created a GP called "TotalA"
> In a card have put a Dynamic Property called "modTotalA" with value =
> 7 and no button (don't need to modify the value).
> Have created a Global Key Command (SHIFT A) that include piece
> matching {CurrentZone=="Player1zone"}, no pieces from deck included
> and report this "Player1 Total Attack = $TotalA$"
> How can I sum ModTotalA to TotalA when I do SHIFT A?
> Thanks

Problem solved, finally have figured it out how to use Global Properties
and Dynamic Properties  :mrgreen:

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