[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Unable to Download Vassalengine!

sturn1 sturn1 at live.co.uk
Sun Jan 6 09:08:54 MST 2013

I'm completely new to Vassal having only recently discovered it on BGG.
I have tried endlessly over the last 2 days to download from the
Sourceforge link and after short period of the download the browser just
closes. I've tried using the direct link, selecting the mirrors etc.
Also disabling firewall, changing IE security settings etc.

Has anybody else had problem with SF recently, as I noted something
about downtime on their news section.

If anyone can offer help I would be very grateful as I am just about to
give up trying  :( 
I do not have any problems downloading anything else and have scanned my
machine as well.

Is there anywhere else that I can download from?

Please help :? 

regards sturn1

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