[messages] [Module General Discussion] I created a Starcraft Board Game Module

Zackreaver zackreaver at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 06:33:38 MST 2013

> As we no longer produce StarCraft: The Board Game, you would have to
> contact Blizzard Entertainment for permission to use their IP and
> trademarks.
> Best,
> Jeremy Stomberg
> Operations Associate
> Fantasy Flight Games

This email was the farthest I got, I contacted blizzard licensing via
email with no response.  Perhaps I had the wrong contact email?

Aside from blizzards permission to use their IP and trademarks, the
module is fully prepared for release.

If anyone can help me with this last step I can finally release this
module to the world.  Since FFG is perfectly fine with me releasing it,
I won't have to blank out any of the cards, the game will be 100%
playable even without the board game (since it's no longer for sale

If anyone has suggestions on how I can contact Blizzard to get the
answer I need, let me know.

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