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emaluzer martinwllms at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 19 19:41:02 MST 2013

Hi,  Im a noob.....I have the basics down for creating a game, having
gone thru several tutorials.  Here is what i am trying to do:
This is a card game where each player draws 10 cards.  they place
several cards down on the table face down to start.  When it is their
turn they have to pick a card from the deck put a card on the table and
flip one of the cards they had down already.

Sooooo.....  I have my main draw deck in the middle of my table.  But I
cant seem to create an area that when player on draws the card goes into
his "hand" visible to him and invisible to others.

Each player needs a "board" in front of them that tells them where to
place the cards....I have that picture but I cant seem to add it to the
main board.  How do I design it so if there are 4 players there are 4
boards down, and 5 players, 5 boards etc.

Thanks for any help!  (im new so please take it easy on me....and

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