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Sun Jan 20 01:04:21 MST 2013

> Sooooo..... I have my main draw deck in the middle of my table. But I
> cant seem to create an area that when player on draws the card goes
> into his "hand" visible to him and invisible to others.
> Each player needs a "board" in front of them that tells them where to
> place the cards....I have that picture but I cant seem to add it to
> the main board. How do I design it so if there are 4 players there are
> 4 boards down, and 5 players, 5 boards etc.

In my Kingmaker module I have a large map for the Crown Cards. There is
also a deck there, and when players draw the cards they are at first
face down. I implement face down cards using the Mask trait added to the
card's prototype. There is one mask for other people which of course is
an opaque picture of the back of the card. The owner however (the person
who drew the card) sees a "transparent" card back image, so they can see
the face of the card through this transparent card back when the card is
and looks face down to other players. So, players can draw their cards
face down, and expose them (flip them to face up) when they want to
bring them into play.

On the board where these cards are drawn there are drawn 7 areas for
players to place their cards and 1 area where the decks are.

Now, if you don't want other players to be able to see a player's hand
at all, then you might need to use a Player Hand or Private Window. I
think these are similar. I've used the Player Hand style in another
module but I don't think I have used the Private Window before. You
might need to experiment.


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