[messages] [Module Design] Main playing board with player specific zones

emaluzer martinwllms at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 20 17:26:49 MST 2013

Im looking for a way to create a "board" that represents a table for a
card game.

Each player will have their assigned zone on the playing field.  other
players cannot access your zone, but can see what cards you have down.

In the zone will be an area where you lay your cards face down,  move
your cards and flip your cards.  This zone will also contain a "player
hand" where the cards you have in your hand would be kept. 

Is this too complicated?  If not someone please direct me how to do

I currently have a playing board with a deck of cards...the players draw
the cards into a seperate window player hand.  I want to eliminate
seperate windows and have only the playing field with cards.


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