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lebigot eric.lebigot at normalesup.org
Tue Jan 22 06:00:19 MST 2013

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As an introduction to Vassal and to the peer-to-peer mode, I tried to
play something simple like Battle Line locally (with two computers).

The problem is that both my opponent and I sometimes draw the same card,
whereas the deck is supposed to not contain any duplicate! What could be

Here is what we did (Vassal 3.2.2):
- 1 computer set up as Server, the other one as Client. Both computers
see each other automatically: the Game room is shared, etc.
- I created a new game room, we both moved to it, and we both did "New
- Then one player carefully drew their card, Refreshed. The other player
did the same. We wanted to avoid any "interference" from interleaved

The result is that our starting hands have some cards in common, which
should not happen. What could the problem be??

PS: Another strange behavior is that sometimes the board is
automatically refreshed with the other player's moves, sometimes it is
not… Any help would be much appreciated!

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