[messages] [Module Support] Ardennes '44 Bug - Can't remove small bridge markers

JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 07:36:56 MST 2013

I figured this out for some people having the same issue on the Facebook
VASSAL Wargamers group about a month ago, let me copy and paste what I
wrote there...

Whoever did the module didn't know how to use Game Piece Layers. The
Bridge Blown markers are set to "Do not stack", which means they draw in
a completely random and unpredictable order relative to everything else
on the board. The thing that's stopping you from deleting some of them
is a giant invisible map overlay that can be toggled on and off by
shift-clicking and choosing to Show/Hide it. What you want to do to get
rid of the Bridge Blown markers that seem stuck is this:

1. Use your mouse to draw a box around one you can't delete. It should
become selected.
2. Hit the Up arrow key on your keyboard. This will bring it to the top
of the drawing order, above the map overlay.
3. Now you can right-click and delete the marker.

Lots of people misuse the "Do not stack" trait when they should be
putting pieces in a separate Game Piece Layer instead.

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