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ogrebait andy.sizemore at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 17:19:26 MST 2013

Currently playing a game of Western Desert (Europa). Both my gaming
partner and I have noticed at times that certain counters will sort of
disappear. We can see a faint outline of where they are/were, but when
you click on the hex, the counter will "appear" several hexes away. The
funny thing is that you can then manipulate the counter in the hex where
it was (or at least supposed to be) by right clicking and selecting an
action, but you can't manipulate it in the hex in which it physically
appears. The only thread that connects all of the instances is that the
counters were rotated partially clockwise (we do this to indicate out of
supply condition). However, not all counters that have been rotated like
this do the disappearing act.

Anyone seen this before?

Andy S.

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