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Tue Jan 29 23:32:24 MST 2013


I am brand-spankin' new to this.  I'm making a module for Worthington's
"Caesar's Gallic War".  I used Columbia's "Julius Caesar" as a template
and have had an easy time of it.

There is one unique feature to this game that I am having difficulty

This is a two player game.  One player (Rome) has black blocks.  The
other (Germania) has blue blocks.  In between the two are a bunch of
gray blocks that could go either way or no way.  In the board game, if
they are neutral, they are face-down.  If a player recruits them, he
stands them up, puts them at full strength, and faces his direction.

I am having a difficult time with this.  I have the players declared as
"Rome" and "German".  I had the blocks set up as both, with a
right-click feature to say it belongs to one or the other (a property on
Julius Caesar's blocks, since there is a defection card).  However,
those blocks are one or the other, but never neither.  If a block can be
either, it looks like all neutral blocks are yours, because you can see
them all.

Any ideas on how to solve this conundrum?  Please speak slowly as I have
no programming knowledge.  I just went in and changed the properties on
the J.C. module to recreate another one.

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