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samuelw3 vassal at samuelw3.com
Wed Jan 30 11:29:08 MST 2013

I'm working on a High Frontier module and my Vassal skills are pretty
rudimentary. But I wanted to add a feature that I'm not sure where to
even begin. If there is a module where this is already in place, I'd
like to look at it or have suggestions on what to try.

Problem. When playing a PBE or Play by forum game using vassal, I
sometimes forget where my strategy was going from one play until the
next time I open the file. It would be helpful to have a "NOTES" field
for each player to type notes, reminders, etc. for him/herself. But, I
want those to save in the file, and only be visible to that player. 

Currently, everything in the game is visible to all players. Map board,
Player boards, top card in draw decks… The only hidden information is
what card is next in the draw deck.

Is there a way each player could have a 'card/piece' that could then be
masked, so only the player can see? 
Or would a better strategy be to create a second player mat that is only
visible to the player? then a place where the player could 'update a
label' or enter some information into a text box on the private board
that isn't visible to anyone, (Except maybe an observer.)

Thanks for help in learning Vassal development.

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