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You can have private notes.


On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 10:29 AM, samuelw3 <vassal at samuelw3.com> wrote:

> I'm working on a High Frontier module and my Vassal skills are pretty
> rudimentary. But I wanted to add a feature that I'm not sure where to
> even begin. If there is a module where this is already in place, I'd
> like to look at it or have suggestions on what to try.
> Problem. When playing a PBE or Play by forum game using vassal, I
> sometimes forget where my strategy was going from one play until the
> next time I open the file. It would be helpful to have a "NOTES" field
> for each player to type notes, reminders, etc. for him/herself. But, I
> want those to save in the file, and only be visible to that player.
> Currently, everything in the game is visible to all players. Map board,
> Player boards, top card in draw decks… The only hidden information is
> what card is next in the draw deck.
> Is there a way each player could have a 'card/piece' that could then be
> masked, so only the player can see? Or would a better strategy be to
> create a second player mat that is only
> visible to the player? then a place where the player could 'update a
> label' or enter some information into a text box on the private board
> that isn't visible to anyone, (Except maybe an observer.)
> Thanks for help in learning Vassal development.
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