[messages] [General Discussion] Vassal 3.2.2 and RAM

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Jan 31 02:36:32 MST 2013

Thus spake JohnnyNonsense:
> Yes, using jvisualvm, I see roughly double the heap usage with 3.2.2
> than with 3.1.20.  (Looking at the MODULE's process memory while a game
> is running, not the main VASSAL process).   It takes MUCH longer to load
> a module.  Poor performance under both OS X and Windows (8).  Some
> modules that would load and play under 3.1.20 will no longer work under
> 3.2.2.  Also, the main VASSAL process now sawtooths in heap usage at a
> much faster rate than it did before - probably should look into re-using
> some of those objects.

Can you tell us which objects you think are being retained?

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