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JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 08:42:27 MST 2013

I poked around in the Julius Caesar module a bit. You're going to need
to create a new prototype for these neutral blocks. I would use either
the "cblock" or "pblock" prototypes as a starting point. The Mask trait
will have to be modified so that the facedown appearance of the block is
gray (maybe you've already created a graphic for this using image
editing software). Each of the two prototypes has a Dynamic Property
with two possible values (Caesar or Pompey). Your neutral blocks will
need a similar Dynamic Property, but with three possible values (Rome,
Germania, Neutral). Then you might use a Restrict Commands trait to
prevent an opponent from hiding/revealing the blocks when they are
controlled by the other player. 

Similarly, another Restrict Commands trait could lock out the commands
that change the ownership of the gray blocks when they are under
someone's control (i.e., if the currently belong to Germania, all
ownership changes are hidden/disabled for the Rome player, and only the
Germania player can restore them to Neutral). There are lots of
possibilities here, but I don't know your games rules.

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