[messages] [Module Support] Squad Leader - How To Use Master Scenario Start Files?

JulianTA julianta at aol.com
Thu Jan 31 11:09:32 MST 2013

I'm able to start a new game and choose the boards I want from volume 1
of the version 4 boards, which are in a separate folder within VASSAL
named 'boards'.  But trying to load a scenario from the Master SSF
brings up a message of "Bad Data In Module, Board Not Found, Unable to
Build Board, LOS engine disabled" - although the units, special rules,
and turn track for the scenario do appear below, but at that point, no
board is present even if I previously loaded one.  I have the Master SFF
files in their own folder also within VASSAL.  What am I doing wrong?  

Also, any chance the module - and all its many add-ons/expansions - will
be converted to 3.2 format in the not too distant future, so that I
don't need to keep a separate copy of 3.1.20 installed just for the
purpose of using the module?  Thanks.


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