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mroyer mroyer1 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 31 16:15:56 MST 2013

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I'm trying to understand how the private server works.

If I go into preferences and select the Server tab, then the "Private
Connection - Server Mode" I get a dialog box with no options or entries.
 Clicking on OK makes the "Private Connection - Server Mode" the
"Current" server.  That's good, I guess. I presume that my computer has
become a private VASSAL game server at that point.

So, what do my opponents do at that point?
If they click on "Private Connection - Client Mode" they get a dialog
box that shows them their listen port and internet address. How do they
connect to my "server" computer as clients? I don't see any where to
enter the server (i.e., my) internet address.

Thanks for any help,

-Mark R.

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