[messages] [General Discussion] Plausibility of creating a crude AI for VSQL

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Oct 1 12:00:45 MST 2013

Thus spake sommerjj:
> I'm starting in on a new project but I'm not sure if it's possible.  I
> got the idea to write a crude AI to play the German side in scenario one
> of Squad Leader(The Guards Counterattack).  Not a lot of practical
> value, but it seems like a good programming exercise.  I would put
> myself at intermediate skill with Python and beginner Java.  The
> obstacle I'm running into is finding a way for the "AI" to interact with
> the board.  Common sense suggests that counters are probably stored as
> objects, and there's probably a way to access the counters in play
> programmatically as VSQL has a button for accessing a list of counters
> in play.  I am not advanced enough in programming to have an idea of how
> to go about accessing those.  VSQL also locks counters to hexes, meaning
> the board file probably has some useful information, however opening it
> with a text editor reveals gibberish.  Would it be viable to try to
> access the game from a lower level and have the AI program send commands
> to VASSAL?
> I understand that what I'm proposing has little practical value.  This
> is an exercise in programming rather than an attempt to make something
> more universally usable.

If you really want to do this with VASSAL 3, you need to get the code
and start looking around. VASSAL 4 will have the objects made available
in a much more sensible way, but for now the only way is to dig into
the code.


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