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Tue Oct 1 12:39:11 MST 2013

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Boards have been reassembled. I might need to do some more work with
red's; there was a bit of a change in the lighting with the two scans.
Black's are fine. I've also started "punching out" the tokens; I got
most of black's done before I had to come back from my lunch break. The
base CRT has also been extracted successfully.

Still reviewing the rules. I was wondering in your e-mail what you meant
by "adding unlimited maps geomorphically"; individual naming of counters
is not a problem. Also, was there a specific set of variants/optional
rules you had in mind (i.e. someplace I could find a list of them)?

Attack cards for the CRT certainly make sense given how the game's CRT
works...if none exist I can probably work up a few. I'll admit that I
haven't searched BGG as thoroughly for game materials as I could've.

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