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Wed Oct 2 00:52:06 MST 2013

that is exactly how the combat was resolved. there were two sets of
"defense" cards one for each player.  The boards are geomorphic and
connect lengthwise and side by side and in different combinations.  I
think it would be novel if you could combine more than just two boards
for the map. By having a 4, 6, 8, board map would increase the size of
the play  area and ability to increase the size of each army.  The
armies are slightly different composition also. Notice the black army
had armored units and the red has mechanized symbols.  When we used the
game to moderate miniature campaigns the units were assigned a OOB and
if  the battle was too big or to small or not worth setting up in
miniature we used the CRT to resolve the battle.  The variants were
simple like designating POW camps or missle base in a particular city.
We also used the military designations to represent different time
periods such as ancients, naps, etc.

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