[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Ugly fonts in main console window (and a few other places)

tealeaf joss-vassal at pseudonymity.net
Wed Oct 2 06:48:13 MST 2013

Thank you for the quick response!

That build definitely enables antialiasing on this system. The hinting
still seems to be off, but it's much less of a problem than the
antialiasing. From a quick look around the web it seems that detecting
and applying system hinting settings is much harder. For now, this is a
huge improvement.

The other place where this is really noticeable is in the module wizard.
("Start New Offline Game / Look for a game online / Load saved game"). I
imagine that there's an object exposed as part of that dialog that could
have a similar property enabled?

Thanks again for sorting this out so quickly.

Now, if only the module selection window would disappear once a module
was selected (or not appear when starting with `vassal -l <module>` I'd
have no complaints at all... :D

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