[messages] [Module Design] Chit Cup (Deck) Question

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Thu Oct 3 05:13:41 MST 2013


I do this in The Devil's Cauldron and other GTS modules. It all depends
on the command you use to return the chits to the cup. I do it by having
the currently in play chits laid in a particularly named Zone (say
'Current'). Out of play chits are stored in other zones or on other Maps
waiting to come into play. 

My 'Refill Cup' button issues a Global Key Command to all Chits with
Type = Chit and CurrentZone = Current. Only chits sitting in the Current
Zone will return to the cup. Plays then add new chits as required
directly to the Cup or to the Current Zone.


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