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uglug domwh at btinternet.com
Sun Oct 6 07:09:50 MST 2013

Dear Somebody Bright/Clever,

I currently have certain pieces with a large number of layers (100+!)
which appear to slow down the game a great deal. Each layer is a small
graphic. Does anybody know a more elegant way of incorporating the
general idea as set out below:

Each piece represents a class of troops for barons. 
The layers on each piece are the individual heraldic symbol of the
relevant baron.

So for example there is a "Light Infantry" piece which is the same
across all 110 barons. This Light Infantry piece has 110 layers. By
selecting the relevant layer the piece displays the heraldic symbol of
the related baron. Thus making it easier to identify which baronial
troops belong to which baron.

Obviously I could make 110 separate pieces but as there are
approximately 8 classes of baronial troop....you get the idea....I also
considered some sort of sub-grouping but wondered if anyone has a better

Any help much apppreciated.

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