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A Chinese called RuneScape large web games are popular in North America,
the name of the game RuneScape Top 07 on Yahoo keyword ranked No.
7.iResearch Consulting recently published data according  refresh the
display, in February 2008 the global online gaming market is still the
biggest winner in the Blizzard World of Warcraft, accounting for 62.3%
of the market share, far ahead of other games. Although the World of
Warcraft obvious advantages, but in this list of the most striking is
ranked second by the Jagex LTD. Developed web game RuneScape, accounting
for 6.9%.

RuneScape is the only one able to squeeze into the top three web games,
can not underestimate the strength can be described, in this game where
players can make money is not a lie, oh, although not encouraged prop
trading, but it still has some the value of the flow.The following
describes the game well.

According to information, RuneScape is jagex LTD development of a real
website JAVA games online, the game is in English, there are few players
in China, currently has no Chinese version of the game without a
separate download the client, if the computer did not install java
control, the initial landing the game, will be prompted to install java

It is globally distributed server has 159, most of them located in the
United States, Canada, European Union, Australia and other countries, so
their biological clock is the opposite with us, oh, it claims to be an
average of 50W people online, the number is now online 123,017 people,
that it still has some figures published credibility.Is not it curious
that in the end what is attractive to attract so many players and even
gold players into its embrace it? It is with us now the domestic popular
web game, what difference does?If you want know more about Runscape
game,go to this link http://www.fitrsgold.com/[1] buy Cheap RS Gold[2]

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