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Yojimbo252 jim.venn at patech-solutions.com
Mon Oct 7 07:16:35 MST 2013


One further question.

I've checked out The Devil's Cauldron module and have made changes to
mine based upon it like creating zones on my Turn Cup board, giving the
chits the appropriate properties etc.

However I think there's a disconnect that I'm not quite grasping.

I can see in the module that the Activation chits are not defined as
Cards 'underneath' the Activation Deck, but rather as Single Pieces with
a Chit property. I assume you've done it in this way so only a subset of
chits are in the cup at any one time rather than the total population of

However, what is the trigger to say that when the cup is refilled only
that subset of chits in play should be returned? That's the bit that I
seem to be missing.

For example, I have a zone within my Turn Cup board called 'Activated'. 
I only want chits that are in the 'Activated' zone to be returned to the
cup when I perform a Refill Cup Global Key Command.  I've tried using a
LocationName==Activated for the matching properties of the Refill Cup
Global Key Command but it doesn't appear to be working in that nothing
is returned.

What config am I missing such that when a chit is placed in the
Activated Zone, it receives a LocationName of 'Activated'?



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