[messages] [Module General Discussion] "Softlink" Reference to another piece in a Game Piece Window

tuomo tomrepetti at comcast.net
Mon Oct 7 13:44:30 MST 2013

In the VASL Game Piece Window, there are many counters displayed that
are actually alternative views of OTHER counters. For example, a squad
could be displayed in one Panel, then its component half-squad be
displayed in another. In reality, both squad and HS are the exact same
unit in the buildfile, but two different layers are displayed to the

When maintaining the module, it becomes difficult to make changes
because you're not quite sure whether you've caught all the places where
that counter was used. It's a nontrivial problem because VASL can have
~10 different displays for the same unit, given how squads can ELR Break
or Battle Harden to weaker/stronger units (and their halfsquads).

What would be nice is to have a CloneOf Trait that basically says, "This
unit in the Game Piece Window is a clone of an original that lies
somewhere else." Clones would not have editable properties, but could be
displayed with different Traits showing, in order to present the user
with different versions of what is really the same counter.

Just a thought.


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