[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Wrong location report when using Delete trait

tozesantos tozesantos_ml at netcabo.pt
Mon Oct 7 15:38:02 MST 2013

When using Report Action on a Delete trait, the $oldLocation$ or
$location$ don't report the location where the unit was when deleted,
but the previous location, if was moved. For example, if I place the
unit on the map from the Game Piece Palette and delete it, the location
is not reported. If I place the unit and move to other location, the
reported location will be the one I initially placed the unit. I tried
it using $location$ and $oldLocation$ properties but on both cases
without sucess.
It just happens in Vassal 3.2.8.
When using 3.1.20 $oldLocation$ works fine, it reports the location
where the unit was deleted...

(Sorry for my bad grammar, I hope I was clear enough...)

Toze Santos

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