[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Unable to choose side, Player 1, in VBFG 2.2 - Please Help

nrcsssNMSS veugs at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 10 12:28:54 MST 2013

I am encountering something really strange. I can no longer join a new
game as the side, "Player 1". I figured I'd bring this up in case I
encounter this when I actually begin playing the game or when I play any
others for that matter. The "details" are below... I tried my best...

- acer Aspire 7750G

- Windows 7 64-bit

- Intel Core i5-2430M

- 4 GB DDR3 Memory

- AMD Radeon HD 6650M, 1 GB VRAM

- Installed version of Vassal: 3.2.8 

- Installed version of Java: 1.7.0_25

- Module Name: VBFG / Module Version: 2.2 / VASSAL Version 3.1.15

- After uploading the VBFG VASSALL MODULE I chose "Start New Game
Offline", then "Default Black Space 240x120 Orbit 120x60" and joined the
game as the side "Player 1"... 

I began looking at the pieces and "monkey'd around" with the software in
that I place a piece and began moving tokens around just to "get a feel"
for the software...

I then closed and restarted the module... 

I have been unable to join a new game and join the side "Player 1" for
"Default Black Space 240x120 Orbit 120x60" and only that game...

I have re-installed VASSAL, deleted and re-downloaded the VBFG files and
then re-uploaded them to VASSAL and I am still unable to join a new game
as player 1 for that Default Game-Type...

I am unable to supply a logfile, but I hope this suffices anyway.
Perhaps there is cached data somewhere or some setting that I am unaware
of. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks.

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