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There are a few ways to get Vassal on an android tablet.. sortof:

* CHEAT: run a remote desktop client to connect to your OSX, Windows or
Linux machine. The RDP proctocol for windows or Nomachine's NX for OSX
or Linux give the best performance, VNC works but is a bit slow for
graphically intense programs like Vassal. There are RDP and NX clients
for Android. For IPad/IOS there is no NX client yet, but it's coming in
December 2013. 
The nice thing with this is that you can sit on the couch or on the
table playing Vassal with skype or google hangout in the background -
and you can switch to your desktop when needed. 

* JAILBREAK: Install Linux on your Android tablet , so you can run the
required JRE to run Vassal. As the memory usage of Vassal and the JVM
are high you have to have a tablet with lots of memory (> 512)
http://www.kali.org/how-to/kali-linux-a ... ux-deploy/[1]
Conceivably it might be possible to run Vassal on a jailbroken Windows
RT tablet with IKVM.net - but as this is a different Java VM it might
have a lot of bugs. The same goes for installing Java on a jailbroken
iPad. I've not tried it.

* USE WINTEL TABLETS: While the Surface Pro is expensive and the new
Haswell powered tablets as well, there wil be cheaper Bay Trail powered
windows8 tablets which can run Vassal natively. If you don't like
windows you can put Ubuntu linux on it.

* PORT Vassal to Android, rewrite everything for the Dalvik JVM (a
subset of Java) and when this is complete use a transcompiler like
J2ObjC or XMLVM, to convert Java code to Objective-C/C++ for iOS.

* MORE MONEY: The bottleneck with these methods is the same as with iPad
board game development - depending on your favorite Vassal boardgame
playing a boardgame on a < 10 inch touchscreen area can be tedious. The
best way is to use the large screen 18" tablets like the HP Envy 20
TouchSmart or Dell XPS 18 Touch which are running native Windows8
anyway. I am not sure if they are to comfortable to use on the couch or
in the bathtub.

[1] http://www.kali.org/how-to/kali-linux-android-linux-deploy/

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