[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Wrong location report when using Delete trait

tozesantos tozesantos_ml at netcabo.pt
Mon Oct 14 04:05:01 MST 2013

Well, while this bug is not fixed there is an easy way to make the
Delete trait report the real location where the unit was delete using a

Property to get the hex where the unit is and send it to the Report.

To the unit with the Delete trait give a DP named delete_loc, for
example, and a command to "Set value directly" $LocationName$
On the map the unit will be deleted add the command that change the DP
to "Key Command to apply to all units ending movement on this map".
(That will give to the DP the name of the hex where the unit is...)

On the Report trait add $delete_loc$ to the "Report format" (and other
information you want, of course, like the name of the unit, etc.)

This way, when you delete the unit the Report will get $delete_loc$ that
is the name or number of the location where the unit was deleted.

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