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Psyclone625 psyclone625 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 14 22:04:52 MST 2013

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I'm building an online, multiplayer, 2d, turn-based, CCG + board game.
The game itself is already designed, including much of the artwork, over
500 cards, game board, etc, and now I just have to build it and am
trying to decide if Flash or Vassal would be better, easier, more
efficient, etc.  I'm 42 years old and have some experience with
programming (Java, MATLAB, C++), but no experience with networking.

The game is similar to MTG and many online CCG's, but the board (map)
where the game is played is a randomly generated hexagonal map with
roughly 100 spaces (hexagons). Initially it will be a 2-player PvP game
but I also plan to implement player vs AI and team games (2 players vs 2
players, 2 players vs AI, etc.).

Players will initially log into the game into a lobby (chat room) where
they can then edit their decks or find a game.

I'm wondering if Vassal will be able to do everything I'm planning to
implement and had a couple initial questions... 

__How much do I need to know about networking?__

__Can Vassal handle multiple (hundreds) of simultaneous instances of the
game running at once?__

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