[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Can not open modules

Geralt przemyslaw26 at interia.pl
Tue Oct 15 05:22:49 MST 2013

No help?

I will try do the following steps (when I return from work):
1) Uninstall java (using tool on official page)
2) install java 64bit again [the same (the newest) version] - maybe I
also try older version
II) I try to run windows in safe mode and try to run vassal (I don't
know if it will be even possible)
III) I will also try to remove all references to vassal, java.exe and
javaw.exe in comodo firewall and add this files to trusted programs.
IV) I will try to reinstall vassal.
V) I will double check if my windows firewall is down.
VI) Exit my commodo firewall and disable nod32 antivirus

Anyone has different ideas how to try to resolve this error?

- Should I have maped localhost in windows hosts file (
localhost)? I think that it does not matter, but I added this line...
- Should java add any environment variable - rather not?


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