[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Can not open modules

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Oct 15 05:35:04 MST 2013

Thus spake Geralt:
> No help?
> I will try do the following steps (when I return from work):
> I) 
> 1) Uninstall java (using tool on official page)
> 2) install java 64bit again [the same (the newest) version] - maybe I
> also try older version

These two are unlikely to help. Reinstalling Java will only solve your
problem is Java is corrupted. If you're able to run VASSAL at all, then
it's unlikely that Java is corrupted.

> II) I try to run windows in safe mode and try to run vassal (I don't
> know if it will be even possible)
> III) I will also try to remove all references to vassal, java.exe and
> javaw.exe in comodo firewall and add this files to trusted programs.
> IV) I will try to reinstall vassal.

Reinstalling VASSAL will solve your problem only if VASSAL is corrupted.
If you're able to run VASSAL at all, then it is unlikely that VASSAL is

> V) I will double check if my windows firewall is down.
> VI) Exit my commodo firewall and disable nod32 antivirus

Of these, III, V and VI have some chance of solving your problem. I
can't say for II, as I don't know what Windows does with the loopback
interface in safe mode.

You might also try running VASSAL as admin.
> Question: 
> - Should I have maped localhost in windows hosts file (
> localhost)? I think that it does not matter, but I added this line...

You shouldn't need to do that.

> - Should java add any environment variable - rather not?

I don't see any way that would help.

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