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Tue Oct 15 16:37:17 MST 2013

While that accomplishes most everything wanted, it does have one issue,
which I failed to specify in the OP. Not only does one of the bad guy
characters have to notify a specific role (Merlin) that he is a bad guy,
without him knowing who Merlin is, but while MErlin knows who teh bad
guys are, he does not know which is which.

To give an example let's say the good guy team is made up of 2 players:
Merlin and a good guy, while the bad guy team is also made up of 2
players: Morgana and a bad guy. Morgana and the other bad guy most both
tell Merlin that they are on team bad guy, without knowing who Merlin is
(you've accomplished this for me already), but Merlin must also not be
able to know which one is Morgana and which one is the other bad guy.

The issue I'm having is that the text labels appear in a specific order.
That is, the text label $badguy1$ is always first and $badguy2$ always
second, so that it's possible for the merlin player to know which bad
guy is which. Is there some way I can randomize this? Perhaps some way
to have it manipulate the text labels in the order that players select
to notify the merlin player rather than having it linked back to their
specific role card?

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