[messages] [Module Design] Sending pieces/cards to dynamic locations

DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Tue Oct 15 20:21:39 MST 2013

I think I got what you want to do so let's try this.

Create 3 Global Properties

BGCount - Set this one to number with a min of 0 and a max of 2,
starting value 0

On the BadGuy cards, set up the following:

Trigger Action trait with the Menu Command "Notify Merlin". This trigger
will Perform these keystrokes

Set Global Property
Global Property Name - BGCount
Min value = 0
Max value = 2
Key Command - IncreaseBGCount
Type - Increment number value
Increment by 1

Set Global Property
Global Property Name - BadGuy$BGCount$
Key Command - TellMerlin
Type - Set value directly to
Value - $PlayerSide$

Then you can have text traits on the Merlin card to display the values
of $BadGuy1$ and $BadGuy2$. The order in which they appear will depend
on who clicked first and who clicked second but you would have no way of
knowing that.

Does that work?

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