[messages] [Module Design] Randomizing game piece images.

plloyd1010 plloyd1960 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 09:39:47 MST 2013

I am playing around with my first modules. I am having trouble working
out how to randomize some pieces. 

The first problem, which is more for aesthetics, is randomizing the base
image for an otherwise constant game piece. Specifically I have 3
counter images, all of which have the same combat factors. I would like
to be able to get a counter and have one of those 3 images randomly
assigned to piece in the game. There will usually be more than 3 of
these pieces used, and they are double sided. I've tried creating a
deck, but haven't been able to integrate it into the piece rendition.

The second problem is probably somewhat easier. I want create a stack of
double sided pieces, draw one random piece, then get a random side (like
a coin flip). I know I start with a randomized deck of the pieces, but
don't know how to flip the piece. I am also not sure I know how to add
the piece to the deck, but I should have that figured out later today.


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