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Shabba shanksparilla at sasktel.net
Thu Oct 17 10:25:20 MST 2013

Hello... a few years ago I posted a question on the forums here about
how to run both Java and Vassal from a flashdrive on a computer that
didn't have Java installed. With help from various sources here, I got
it working and used it since then without a hitch. It's ideal for my
work environment where I have some free time over the noon hour.

However, I recently got a new desktop computer for work, and Vassal no
longer works.

Vassal and JRE6 are both installed on the flashdrive. I was using the
VSQL mod with Vassal 3.1.20 (due to compatibility issues) and I have a
modified .bat file directing Vassal to the JRE installed on the drive.

I keep getting the following message, which I've never seen before:

"This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0"

After some Googling I've tried a few things (reinstalling Vassal,
resinstalling the JRE, downgrading to 3.1.19, creating another .bat
file) and nothing appears to circumvent this. Any thoughts?

Jamie Shanks

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