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gvancleef gvancleef at roadrunner.com
Sat Oct 19 23:12:50 MST 2013

Version 0.0.a.2 is now available via bit torrent

Looks like I didn't put the correct release version into the a.1 zip
file. OK, so you need to get this update to get that setup right:

http://gvancleef.com/panzerfuror/Panzer ... .1.torrent[1]
http://gvancleef.com/panzerfuror/Panzer ... .2.torrent[2]

To update to 0.0.a.2:
First get 0.0.a.1, and unzip into a directory such as C:/VassalModules
if you haven't already done so. 
Then get 0.0.a.2 and unzip it into the same folder. 

All updates will be distributed in this manner for now until I can come
up with a better method of keeping updated.

[1] http://gvancleef.com/panzerfuror/PanzerFuror-0.0.a.1.torrent
[2] http://gvancleef.com/panzerfuror/PanzerFuror-0.0.a.2.torrent

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