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gvancleef gvancleef at roadrunner.com
Mon Oct 21 12:13:02 MST 2013

Version 0.0.a.3 is now available via torrent. This is an important
update since you are now notified when you start up the game of any new
updates for the module or map packs when they are available along with a
url for obtaining them. This will make things alot easier for everyone.

Go to http://panzerfuror.com[1] for details. 
Torrent link is http://gvancleef.com/panzerfuror/Panzer ...
te.torrent[2] (for complete set of files ~60 MB)

[1] http://panzerfuror.com
[2] http://gvancleef.com/panzerfuror/PanzerFuror-0.0.a.3-complete.torrent

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