[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Vassal and Java from flashdrive

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Oct 22 11:54:07 MST 2013

Thus spake Shabba:
> Update... for a lark I tried using the .bat file with "Run as
> Administrator" (as I don't have admin rights to the desktop I'm using,
> which makes things difficult) and whoosh, Vassal runs.
> I have NO IDEA why this is the case, as I never had to use this method
> before - I simply double-clicked on the Vassal .exe file and it always
> ran fine.
> FYI, the computer is running Windows 7 and the .bat file on my
> flashdrive contains the following:
> REM Execute this file to launch VASSAL on Windows
> set path=.;%1%\VassalUSB\jre6\bin
> start javaw -client -cp lib/Vengine.jar VASSAL.launch.ModuleManager %*

That's not the batch file we distribute, but it ought to work for
launching from your thumb drive.
> If anyone wants to weigh in with their thoughts from a technical
> perspective, I'm all ears, seriously.

My guess is that VASSAL.exe isn't working for you due to a PATH
problem. Open a terminal. (Run "cmd".) What output do you get
when you run 'java -version'? What ouptut do you get when you
run 'echo %PATH%'?

BTW, you don't need to use 3.1.20 for VSQL anymore; a version of VSQL
compatible with 3.2 has been out for some months now.

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