[messages] [Module Support] Strike of the Eagle

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Oct 22 14:15:04 MST 2013

Thus spake pawnpusher:
> I've experienced trouble with the display in scenario 1.  Graphics,
> except some tokens, are not visible to the right of the board.  The
> tokens and their relative placements lead me to believe the track sheet
> is what is not being displayed to the right of the board.  The lower
> right part of the board, K5-K8, are not visible.  When zooming out (less
> than 63% zoom), the entire map disappears.  Also, when zooming out and
> when scrolling over the non-visible areas, bad module data messages
> appear in the dialog area.
> I haven't attempted much else with this module.  I'm running Windows XP,
> the latest Vassal, and the module in solitaire mode.  I tried
> re-downloading the module, but no changes.

It's unlikely that you have a corrupt module if you're able to open
the module at all. Downloading it again will not help. (Nor will
reinstalling VASSAL, nor will reinstalling Java...)

Post the contents of your errorLog here from a run where you're seeing
the problem.



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