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rozar5 rozar5 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 23 09:25:54 MST 2013

Hi.  I am wanting to lay out my game board using square tiles - like
SPACE HULK.   I have the tiles designed and added to the Vassal module
according to the Designers Guide so they can be drawn and laid on the
"clear" mapboard and rotated to line up doors and corridors.  No problem
there.  I set my counters up to rotate and move on the tiles. 
Sometimes, when I turn the counter, it will disappear and not reappear
until moved another space.  The counter is actually below the tile. (I
can move the tile and see the counter on the main mapboard.)  I assume
this is a problem that can be rectified using "layers" but I can not
understand the Guide's explanation.  I am reading the GAME PIECE LAYER
section on page 25 but the instructions make no sense to me (probably
because I am dense).  The example given also confuses me.  Especially
the part that says, "Any piece
with a__ Marker Trait with Property name Layer and value Terrain__ will
be in the bottom-most layer."  ???


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