[messages] [Module Design] Problem accesing Deck_numPieces

TF jimenopablo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 05:01:00 MST 2013


As you'll discover in no time, I am quite new to vassal more "advanced"
features. I have no java skills.

I have built a module I am trying to improve by automating its card play
mechanics. Of course, I am finding all kinds of problems I am enjoying
dealing with, but there is something that is really bugging me big time:

Is <Deckname_numPieces>  supposed to be accesible from everywhere in the
module or just from the player hand where the deck lives?. From what I
have read, it seems to me it should be, but need to be sure to keep
going. I don't know what relevant info you could need to answer my
question, if any. Please let me know and I will post it as soon as I

In case the answer is no, I found a workaround that involves the use of
a global variable whose value I can relate to Deckname_numPieces but it
means a lot of work and seems to me unnecessarily convoluted.

Thanks for your help!

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