[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Won't Launch on Mavericks

ericleesmith ericleesmith at me.com
Tue Oct 29 08:27:31 MST 2013

When I try to launch Vassal-3.2.8 on my Mac on Mavericks I get this
error message:

VASSAL-3.2.8 can't be opened because it is from an unidentified

Clicking help reveals: 
The app you tried to open was not registered with Apple by an identified
developer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s wrong with
the app. For example, some apps were written before developer ID
registration began. However, the app has not been reviewed. Also, there
is no way for OS X to check whether the app has been modified or broken
since it was released. A common way to distribute malware is to take an
innocent app and insert harmful code into it, and then redistribute the
infected app.

They provide a work around:
You can choose to override your security settings and open the app
1. In the Finder, locate the app you want to open. Most apps can be
found in the Applications folder.
2. Press the Control-key, then click the app icon.
3. Choose Open from the shortcut menu.
4. Click Open.

Any way to permanently change this so I don't have to do this every

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