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capi3101 capi3101a at netscape.net
Tue Sep 3 20:51:22 MST 2013

Okay...the Global Properties involved are "Confederation Group Maneuver"
and "Kilrathi Group Maneuver".
Both are numeric, a minimum value of -999 and a maximum of 999.

Set Global Property traits...
Okay, well I have a pair for the Maneuver calculator and display pieces
on the Battle Board. 
Both numeric, both minimum -999 and maximum 999.
The others are in the "Confederation" and "Kilrathi" prototypes - only
difference between the two is a different Mask image.
...both numeric, both minimum -999 and maximum 999.

I am still interested in trying to find a solution for what's going on.
Meantime, I have pulled the Set Global Property traits for adjusting
Maneuver strength into a new set of four Prototypes, one for
Confederation ships with positive Maneuver ratings, one for Kilrathi
ships with positive maneuver ratings, and the other two for the
corresponding ships with negative ratings. Simply add the corresponding
Prototype to each craft and remove the minus sign from in front of the
values of those ships that have them. It seems to have done the trick,
but my inner programmer is screaming at me right now...

Could VASSAL have been interpreting the whole thing as a non-numeric
value because of the presence of the minus sign? That's the only thing
I'm coming up with.

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