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capi3101 capi3101a at netscape.net
Wed Sep 4 06:20:40 MST 2013

@TIm M: That's what I did, as per my last post:

"capi3101" wrote:
> I am still interested in trying to find a solution for what's going
> on. Meantime, I have pulled the Set Global Property traits for
> adjusting Maneuver strength into a new set of four Prototypes, one for
> Confederation ships with positive Maneuver ratings, one for Kilrathi
> ships with positive maneuver ratings, and the other two for the
> corresponding ships with negative ratings. Simply add the
> corresponding Prototype to each craft __and remove the minus sign__
> from in front of the values of those ships that have them. It seems to
> have done the trick, but my inner programmer is screaming at me right
> now...

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