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Taintedblade gmfobes at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 4 12:28:16 MST 2013

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I have my card setup to discard to deck using the return to deck, and
then I tried to get it to also send a message using the Report Action. 
On an older version of the module this is working, but on the current
version it is not sending any message. The card is normally discard from
the player's hand window.

card properties:
Basic piece
Return to Deck (Menu Text: Discard, Keyboard Command: Ctrl D, Select
Deck: [original deck])
Report Action (Description: Discard , Report on these Keystrokes: Ctrl
D, Report Format: $PlayerSide$ discarded a card)
Marker (type: dust, Value: 1)  [this is not used by anything currently]

I have tried to reverse the order of Return to Deck and Report action, I
have tried to add a trigger action that when ctrl D is triggered will
trigger a different Ctrl that I setup for the report action, but nothing
is working.

The Vassal version is 3.2.8

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