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Hi all.

I wonder if anyone can help with this: I am currently working on a
campaign map idea to generate terrain for tabletop wargames. This as an
alternative to throwing dice and randomly plonking down hills and
forests on the battlefield.

The idea is this: two armies, represented by two counters, and several
scouts, also represented by counters, enter at opposite ends of a
campaign map, with a square grid. Initially all one side's scouts and
army are invisible to the other side. Scouts, however, who enter the
same square as the opponent's army, see that army (which remains visible
thereafter) but are not themselves revealed to the opponent. An army
that enters a square occupied by an opponent's army reveals that army
and is itself revealed. The square occupied by the 2 armies becomes the
battlefield: the terrain indicated in it is replicated on the tabletop,
and the orientation is decided by which side the second army entered the

Scouts do not reveal other scouts.

The idea is to find and track the opponent's army, whilst avoiding
revealing one's own army until one has found the right terrain to give

Question is: how does one do this in VASSAL? I'm grateful for any

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