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First ensure that the internal Nike Shoes UK Store[1] shoes dry , you
can find some paper stuffed into shoes as a filler inside the body of
the shoe leather will hold to stretch smooth, but do not plug too much
paper , then to find a packet of preservative on shoes mouth, with
special shoes after the film wrapped the body of the shoe with a hair
dryer in the 5-10 cm away from the body of the shoe and shoes at the
shoe body blow to the film smooth and close to the best. Be sure to
remind everyone shoes membrane and the air inside the shoe body blow
away all the air in order to ensure the tightness of Nike shoes .
Finally, the shoes on the ventilated , dry place , pay attention to
avoid glare .

First, when the Buy Nike Shoes[2] shoes dirty, scrub gently with water
dipped in detergent , then rinse , place a dry cool air , avoid direct
sunlight and exposure. Never use open flame heating or drying, to avoid
aging , a plastic, fading and serious distortion. The excessive direct
sunlight , and a hairdryer heat and other improper methods of care will
reduce Nike shoes have a life ; washing can not long soak , soaking time
generally should not exceed 20 minutes. Leather Nike shoes can not be
soaked in water ;

Second, if long term storage, should be first Nike Free UK[3] shoes
scrub clean , cool, dry ventilated storage place , so that Nike shoes
have sufficient time to dry to avoid mildew . Real leather is best to
use shoes or shoe care hold up ball of paper , in order to avoid serious
distortion. Shoe soles will head down toward the wall, ventilated place
to dry at room temperature , this can prevent water immersion in the
bottom foam ; ( because foaming material is not easy to do, it is not
recommended to wet shoes flat . )

Third, the wearing or brushing nike shoes , do not use too much force or
the perfect brush , but can not pull the nails or sharp edges of these
parts of the printing pattern . After a period of time of wearing , some
patterned surface may be some small cracks ( in particular, often
tortuous portion ) , which are a normal phenomenon ;

Four day training athletes or regular exercise enthusiasts , the best
preparation than two pairs of NIKE shoes , to replace ; running shoes on
the nylon mesh fabric and artificial tanning is relatively easy to
maintain , hand wash with water , it is best not to use washing machine
or water immersion ; the shoes and laces separately with mild soap /
detergent washing . When washing out shoe insole , gently scrub with a
soft brush , and finally rinse ;

Five , to enable you to achieve a satisfactory wear results, fair
treatment you wear your shoes . Remember not to wear normal running
shoes or walking shoes for soccer , basketball and other strenuous
exercise. At the same time , but any kind of athletic shoes are not in
contact with the weapon ;Also keep in mind that one : shoe leather, with
cotton wet , wring , wipe ; two : mesh , mesh mostly PV mesh , you can
use an old toothbrush, stained water, by the rub the inside out ! such
as mesh in front of the shoe , then they should be oriented by Nike
shoes Nike shoes toe direction brush ! such dirty things not too much
left in the Nike shoes .

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