[messages] [Opponents Wanted] Looking for game of Arkham horror

deichen deichen at frontiernet.net
Tue Sep 10 08:09:04 MST 2013

There isn't really any "logging in".  Once of us sets up the game, we
each determine our character and do the initial setup stuff.  Then the
first player walks through a turn logging the process.  Then send the
log to all other players and the next player does a turn, logging the
process, etc.  If there are any interactions that require another player
then the log is ended and that player toakes over (although that doesn't
happen very often).

All of this happens through email and each person just opens the log,
walks through it and starts a log at the appropriate time.  It can be
done quickly so usually there can be multiple moves per day, depending
on the players.

I can get things started if you want.  I'll send a PM to ColdIron and
gocus to give you my usual email account, if that's okay.

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